Dec, 2016
Privacy Policy collects no personal information about anyone who visits this site. We issue no "cookies" or other tracking information relative to your visit. All visits to this site are anonymous. Should you send us an e-mail, and should that e-mail request an answer (not recommended), we will probably respond, but your message and our response will be deleted. Whether such correspondence is monitored or captured by any government or commercial agency we cannot say. That is, we cannot say because we do not know. Please don't ask us to keep a copy of any correspondence as that would be in violation of our privacy policy. It's probably safest for all if you don't contact us.

Our mobile apps Donkey Stew - menu assistant and Xchange, both available at the Google PlayStore, do not ask for or collect any personal information about anyone who has downloaded either or both of these apps. They are free of charge and there are no ads. No tracking information is issued or captured in these apps. If Google and its affiliates are collecting information relating to users, we would refer you to their respective privacy policies. We do not know who has downloaded our apps.

If you download an app - whether ours or not - from the Google PlayStore, you may see a notice regarding what Google refers to as "permissions". If an app makes use of certain features available on smartphones (eg, a camera), Google requires that the user be informed of it. Some of these permissions are broad and vaguely ominous and could easily lead the user to believe an app was looking for or modifying personal data. Apps from do neither. Presumably, Google itself is required to present the permissions list the way it does.

If there is a change to our privacy policy, you will find it here.